Run a single unit test with Mocha/Chai

Sure, you can add file globbing patterns to a CLI arg to run a single JavaScript test, or group of tests, but it’s not super convenient and often requires a trip to your README to remember how to do it. Here’s a quicker way.

atom phpmd linter error

How to fix this Atom linter error: “Make sure`phpmd` is installed and on your PATH”

The linter-phpmd plugin for Atom is popular with PHP and WordPress developers, but it relies on having phpmd installed and available on your PATH.  Without it, you might see an error: “[Linter] Error running PHPMD Error: Failed to spawn command `phpmd`. Make sure `phpmd` is installed and on your PATH”

If you’ve seen this error in your Atom Developer Tools, the fix is quite simple … logo

WaitFor in

Have you seen your WebDriver tests fail with vague errors or timeouts when trying to locate and interact with elements on your page?

Following the best practices in this post will help you minimize random failures while running automated browser tests via and Selenium.

Git logo

Review a PR then get back to work … faster!

I never mind reviewing PRs from my coworkers, but I do want to minimize interruptions knowing I typically have other tasks in-flight. To help make the overhead of switching contexts (and branches) more efficient, try using the git pr command found in …

The box 'bento/ubuntu-16.04' could not be found or could not be accessed in the remote catalog.

“The box ‘bento/ubuntu-16.04’ could not be found” error when spinning up a new Trellis project

I was spinning up a new website using one of my favorite WordPress stacks built on Trellis and Vagrant, when I encountered the following error: “The box ‘bento/ubuntu-16.04’ could not be found or could not be accessed in the remote catalog.”

I had recently updated Vagrant from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7, and had also recently started using Ubuntu 16.04 for my new projects, updating from the previous LTS version 14.04 I had relied on for years.

Here is how I fixed it …