< 10 years

Most recently, I’m helping HEB.com to scale up our digital services into premium experiences that customers love.

While at Vrbo/Expedia, I built landing pages & onboarding experiences which allow property owners to list their vacation rental properties in our popular marketplace. Vrbo’s platform helps Partners to build their businesses, generate income from their personal properties, or simply enjoy the experience of hosting families, adventurers, and explorers traveling from all over the world.

At the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, I led the development of the organization’s many public websites, including sites for their various philanthropic programs.  The Foundation is now enabled with a highly-available WordPress environment as their primary web platform, and is able to publish more high-quality content than ever.

>= 10 years

I build software and human-centered experiences for huge brands and small businesses, and everything in between.  Here are a few brands where I’ve committed code …

Springbox | VisionWeb | Dell Inc. | Sweet Leaf Tea | Tradewinds Tea | Livestrong | Michael J. Fox Foundation | Amber’s Angels | Warrior Benefit

Want to learn more?

My LinkedIn profile is (mostly) up-to-date.  Take a look around, or feel free to connect with me!