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a bit about myself …

Engineering manager, software engineer, product manager, mentor, teacher and volunteer in Austin-ish, Texas.

I’ve recently swapped my craft from programming to people (though I still sling some code on the side!)

My passion is to help a group of dedicated individuals deliver the best user experiences to customers, with high quality software, combining best practices and creative design. The experiences my team and I build are more than functional, they’re also thoughtful, easy to use, and beautiful. I have a scientific mindset, and I’m quite familiar with building analytics & experimentation into products so they can consistently evolve into the very best they can be.

Creating a culture of trust, energy, positivity, and vulnerability with the humans around me is my primary focus, and I’m committed to a learning lifestyle.

I believe that leadership is about much more than “management” – it’s about empathy, actively listening, and sharing knowledge. I’ve mentored both college and high school students during their internships, as well as other professionals looking to begin a coding career. I also write custom curricula for high school students, teaching them coding and professional skills for two non-profit orgs in my free time.

Yup, I “do” Agile, and I have some strong opinions on the subject. I prefer front-end things like Node.js, React, and TypeScript. I really dig GraphQL, I’ve built myriad websites with WordPress, and I’ve spoken at the Austin WordCamp Developer Conference and local meetups on hosting WordPress in the cloud. I’ve presented tech talks and workshops on the topic of end-to-end UI testing in several cities across three continents! I’ve even got a tiny bit of Kotlin/Android, Swift/iOS, and React Native on my toolbelt.

I ♥ open source and contribute where I can.

My continued education includes multiple Human Factors Int’l courses in omni-channel UX and PET design. And while at Dell, Inc. I earned Yellow and Green belts in project management under their PMI-led Business Process Improvement program.

I dig live music, flying single-engine aircraft, mountain biking, and photography. And I’m a native Austinite, which feels like a rare breed these days. I hate how many of the sentences above start with “I” …

Find me on:
▸ twitter: @grantnorwood
▸ linkedin: @grantnorwood
▸ github: @grantnorwood