Use “natural scrolling” on your Raspberry Pi

By default, Raspberry Pi OS will set your mouse’s scroll direction to “reverse scrolling”, a legacy gesture that’s been around since the invention of the mouse. Here’s how to bring that natural scrolling to your mouse in the latest versions of Raspberry Pi, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Upgrading Terraform logo

Errors & warnings while upgrading Terraform 0.12 to 0.14

While consolidating a handful of my sites from various hosting providers, I wanted to add those domains to my Cloudflare account to protect them from malicious traffic & improve their performance. At the time this post was written, 0.14 is the latest version – but I was still on v0.12 which I had installed with a […]

Nullability in GraphQL featured image

Nullability in GraphQL

Whether you prefer “schema first” or “resolver first”, GraphQL development should definitely be “types first”. One aspect of planning your data types is nullability, and this is important to get right. Nullability in GraphQL is different than how we handle null values in other environments, like REST or gRPC APIs.

Screen shot of error message

ESLint: “Parsing error: Unexpected token” in Visual Studio Code

While adding the plumbing for a new JavaScript website project, I knew it needed an ESLint config to keep my code linted and clean. So I installed ESLint the usual way, answered a few questions to customize my install, and I went along my merry way.

Here’s how to fix “Parsing error: Unexpected token” errors from ESLint when working in Visual Studio Code …

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