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ESLint and EditorConfig in VSCode

To kick off 2019, I wanted to start the new year off with cleaner code, with more automation and less effort.  This post should help you and your team kick your new year off with consistently beautiful code, too!

Most importantly, read through to the end to find out how to turn on the “auto-format on save” settings for ESLint, which allows auto-fixing of many problems every time a file is saved!

Nginx proxy

Nginx all the things!

Developers are increasingly working across multiple projects, and we need a sane method of changing contexts within our local development environment very quickly – or running them all at once – to remain efficient. Keep reading to learn how to run an Nginx proxy on your local machine to shepherd requests to port 80 to other apps running on various ports, using the path of the request to determine which app to forward to.

Run a single unit test with Mocha/Chai

Sure, you can add file globbing patterns to a CLI arg to run a single JavaScript test, or group of tests, but it’s not super convenient and often requires a trip to your README to remember how to do it. Here’s a quicker way.

atom phpmd linter error

How to fix this Atom linter error: “Make sure`phpmd` is installed and on your PATH”

The linter-phpmd plugin for Atom is popular with PHP and WordPress developers, but it relies on having phpmd installed and available on your PATH.  Without it, you might see an error: “[Linter] Error running PHPMD Error: Failed to spawn command `phpmd`. Make sure `phpmd` is installed and on your PATH”

If you’ve seen this error in your Atom Developer Tools, the fix is quite simple …

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WaitFor in WebDriver.io

Have you seen your WebDriver tests fail with vague errors or timeouts when trying to locate and interact with elements on your page?

Following the best practices in this post will help you minimize random failures while running automated browser tests via WebDriver.io and Selenium.