Adjusted Bounce Rate

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Adjusted Bounce Rate is a well-designed WordPress plugin that improves the performance and accuracy of any site’s user engagement metrics within Google Analytics.

Reduce Bounce Rate, Improve Time on Page and Session Duration

Google Analytics does not properly track some important engagement metrics like Avg Time on Site, Avg Session Duration, and Bounce Rate. This plugin uses a commonly-accepted JavaScript method of improving the accuracy of these stats.

This plugin addresses the issues as identified by the Google Analytics team at

Others have also blogged about their own solutions at:

See for more information about the plugin and the author, or visit the GitHub repo at to fork my code or submit an issue.


  1. Set the engagement tracking event interval. (Defaults to 10 secs.)
  2. Set the max engagement time, which allows you to customize when the session should be considered abandoned. (Defaults to 20 mins.)
  3. Set the minimum engagement time, which can be used to set an initial amount of time required to count the user has having engaged. (Defaults to 10 secs.)
  4. Customize the event Category, Action and Label names to be displayed in Google Analytics.
  5. Uses either the old pageTracker code, the newer asynchronous code, or the newest Universal Analytics code.
  6. Choose header or footer placement for the code.
  7. Compatible with Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress. For example, detects if analytics were loaded, or if they are disabled because of the currently logged in user’s role.


This plugin is available from the WordPress Plugin Repository, and from GitHub at  Please submit issues to the GitHub repo for the fastest response!