Hey Designers, Tweak All You Like. Developers Have Sass and Compass.

Developers can all relate to a fast-approaching deadline, and though your plate is already full, your email dings at you and you’re faced with yet another request from the designer you’re working with to change the look and feel of your project.  Swap that background image, add some margin, adjust the kerning, maybe un-serif all of the […]

Springbox @ SXSW 2011

All My Children and CSS3

I know, I’m just lobbing titles over the fence these days, but it’ll make more sense in a moment.  The SXSW Interactive Festival 2011 is beginning, and I’ll be there with badge on!  Some of the other Springbox crew members will also be there, including several talented individuals who are speaking.  Check out our SXSW 2011 […]