Backticks and end-of-line characters in

If you’ve ever chased your tail for half an hour on vague errors in your files in the popular Varying Vagrant Vagrants development tool for WordPress, here’s a few things to check.

Backticks in SQL statements

If the MySQL statements you’re executing have object names with special characters, you’ll most likely need to use backticks ( </span>) to enclose them within your script.  Be sure to escape those backtick characters with backslashes (<span class="lang:default decode:true crayon-inline ">\\) to ensure errors aren’t generated while VVV is executing your provisioning script.

Here’s an example of escaped backticks in that works:

If you don’t escape backticks, you could likely see errors like this:

Unix/Linux/OSX line ending characters

If you’re editing your file in Windows, make sure you’re saving those files with the correct Unix-style line endings, and not Windows-style (or the older Mac-style).  If you don’t escape backticks, you could likely see errors like this:

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